Thursday’s stuff.

1. Lagging on the exercise already this month.  It’s six days in, and I’ve only been on one run.  A few late nights and busy days have kept me from going at it hard.  So starting Saturday (or maybe tomorrow!), I’ll go at it… medium, I guess.

2. Yoga studio membership was suspended through February 15, so no classes until then.  Boo.

3. The vague exercise plan for this school year, which has never been fully operational but was in gear for a good portion of the fall, is this: upper body and a run on Saturday, hike or cross train on Sunday, yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays, lower body and a run on Wednesdays, and then rest on Mondays and Fridays.  Options to go above and beyond encouraged but not required.  Some days got mixed up, but that was the gist of it, more or less.

4. I mention all that because I’m thinking of mixing it up.  My social calendar has been busier than expected this school year (who’s complaining?), and it’ll only get worse as the spring musical season approaches (rehearsals).  I’ll need to streamline things if I’m going to actually make exercise a priority before spring break.

5. Oh.  Spring break this year?  I’m going back to Guatemala with my school.  Two weeks building houses for Maya coffee farmers and seeing the wonders of Tikal.  Then I’ll be home for 40 hours before I go on a four-day canoe trip down the Colorado River, also with my school.  My school travels a lot.

6. I’m rambling.

7. What I mean to say is this: In about three weeks, I’ll be at a lot of rehearsals.  For two weeks, my life will be all about the musical.  Then I get a week off.  Then Guatemala.  Then the river.  Then the rest of the spring semester.  So things aren’t going to be normal, and routines are going to be hard to put in place no matter what.  Especially the yoga.


9. Decisive exercise plan:

- Saturdays: 10-15 minute run/cardio warmup on the treadmill or elliptical, and then do a whole body strength training workout: upper, core, lower.  I KNOW THIS IS NOT IDEAL.  Then stretching.

- Sundays: Longer run or hike or swim or some kind of cross train.

- Tuesdays: 30 minute run and yoga class

- Thursdays: 30 minute run and yoga class

10. The minimum:

- Saturdays: As mentioned above

- Sundays: DO SOMETHING.  Move!

- Tuesdays: Yoga or run

- Thursdays: Yoga or run

11. I think that’ll do it.

12. Appetite for shit recently.  I just haven’t been that hungry.  I’m trying to muster the energy to make something for dinner right now, but I don’t have much in the house (this has been a huge problem) and I’m not that hungry for a real meal.  A piece of toast would satisfy me.  But I’m quite tired today and I think I’m going to end up going to bed early.  Don’t envy me my life in the fast lane.

13. This isn’t so much a weight loss blog post as much as it is a list of stuff and no appetite.

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